World Refugee Day Festival:

Together we heal, learn and shine!Join us for the first ever World Refugee Day Festival in Wellington to honour the resilience of refugees and former refugees around the globe and here in Aotearoa. This event is brought to you by the World Refugee Day Festival collective: Afnan AL-Rubayee , @Aroha Afternoons, Changemakers Resettlement Forum, @… Read more »

Refreshed line up for Board brings diversity and new thinking

We’re delighted to welcome our new Board of Trustees. Four new people will join six of the current trustees.  The appointments come after a successful AGM held on Nov 26th where we had 13 nominations for the 10 seats.   Six current Board members were voted back in joined by four new faces.  “This fresh addition… Read more »

Royal Commission Report submitted : ChangeMakers urges government to uphold recommendations

Thursday 26 November was a significant day for many of us. The Royal Commission report into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mosques was submitted but not publicly released. ChangeMakers joined the chorus of people urging the government to uphold the recommendations from the report with adequate funding and resources. We believe our communities’ participation should… Read more »

The nominations are now open for ChangeMakers’ board

The nominations are now open for ChangeMakers’ board! Please find attached the nomination form for the elections on November 26 AGM. We want to ensure that we have a democratic election and ensure that we have a board that works for all communities in ChangeMakers. Nomination forms along with a one-page expression of interest must… Read more »

Media Release: Getting the message across, the simple Kiwi way

How do you get the key messages of Covid19 and the lockdown across to our diverse communities, in particular for those who struggle with English?  Ron Beernink revived his drawing skills to create simple cartoons to initially target these messages at people from refugee backgrounds.  “The Covid19 messaging was not easy to understand and to… Read more »

Picnic in the Park

On  28 January ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum welcomed in the New Year with a Picnic in the Park event. This was an opportunity for people from across our communities, neighborhoods and various organisations to come together and enjoy the summer in Wellington City. The picnic was held at the Pukeahau Memorial Park and people bought food… Read more »

Another restricted Licence… and urgent need of volunteers

A Perfect Drive! Congratulations to Erika who passed her restricted licence yesterday without any errors, in fact, she drove so well the testing officer joked “that was a bit boring!” after the test! Well done! Such a great result is a testament to the fantastic quality of mentors and driving instructor support on the Open… Read more »