About us

ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum is a grassroots non-governmental organisation (NGO) representing 17+ refugee background communities in the greater Wellington region (Aotearoa New Zealand).

We work towards our vision of New Zealanders from refugee backgrounds participating fully in Aotearoa New Zealand life, through advocacy, research and community development activities.

Standards for Engagement

ChangeMakers seeks to positively influence the way government agencies and NGOs engage with refugee-background communities. To this end we have produced some guidelines based on our experiences and learnings from our successful, and not so successful, interactions with a wide range of agencies working in the resettlement arena.

We invite and encourage anyone about to review existing policies or implement new policies, to use these guidelines to ensure they engage in the most respectful and meaningful ways with people from refugee backgrounds.

Underpinning the Standards for Engagement is the need to acknowledge and address power imbalances which exist in any engagement between refugee-background communities, NGOs and government agencies. This refers to the resources, networks and knowledge that each party has access to.

Standards for Engagement: Guidelines for Central and Local Government, and NGOs Working with Refugee-Background Communities can be viewed here (pdf, 254kb).