Our vision

We work towards our vision of New Zealanders from refugee backgrounds participating fully in Aotearoa New Zealand lifethrough advocacy, research and community development activities.

Our principles

Nothing about us without us. People from refugee-backgrounds should be involved in all stages when policies and services are being developed. Their involvement should be meaningful and respectful of them as the people who will be most affected by those policies and services.

Focus on strengths not weaknesses. Former refugees bring knowledge, experience and many diverse skills to Aotearoa New Zealand. They have much to contribute.

A human rights approach instead of a welfare approach should be the basis for policy development and service delivery.

A shared voice is a strong voice. While we acknowledge the differences and the importance of independence, we also recognise the great value of coming together to work on issues of common concern.

Our philosophy

Being a rights-based organisation means that our strategic outcomes, policies, and the way we work with communities and other agencies are all underpinned by human rights.

We begin any new initiative by ensuring that the way we will conduct our work is rights-based. We do this by completing the ChangeMakers’ rights-based programming checklist. As well as being an effective planning tool, this template is a good reminder of the underlying principles that form the basis of rights-based approaches:

  • accountability
  • transparency
  • non-discrimination and
  • participation.

We also developed A Human Rights-Based Approach to Refugee Resettlement (pdf, 118 kb), which considers what a human rights-based approach to resettlement might look like in key areas.

Our Strategic Goal for 2021-2024

Our Strategic Goal for for 2022