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Creating Connection space

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Things seem to have really kicked off recently, as our newer sporting, womens and community activities and events are all ongoing and developing…in response to what we have been asked for from our member communities. Its great to add more permanent opportunities to the Driving Programmes which continue to provide great support to those we walk alongside.

Our sporting and group activities all aim to ensure people are connecting, and also getting out of the house, to overcome isolation and marginalisation whilst also doing something fun and active, and in the case of our womens groups, provide women a space to connect with each other, where they are safe to express themselves. Over the last week we have had our ongoing Youth Football Connect (in Wellington), ongoing Mens Volleyball (in Wellington), and ongoing Womens Volleyball (Hutt Valley), ongoing Swimming for Women and Children, as well as a Womens Group trip to Penray Gardens in Otaki. This week our sports activities will continue, and there will also be a Womens Night in Wellington on Saturday to ensure we have a night out before Ramadan.

The other activity carried out last weekend, and the weekend prior, were Census completion events in Newtown and Hutt Valley. It is super important to be counted in Census, and also a legal requirement, to ensure that government is focussing its funds and activities where it needs to. We have really enjoyed getting to know some of you better as we have supported you in completing the Census and are still here to help if you haven’t completed it yet. The next big national activity will be voting, and we are working alongside Host International and the Electoral Commission to do some mother language videos around voting. If you are keen to be part of one of the videos, to help your community, please get in touch.

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