Volunteer Needed for TTC Driving Programme!

We’re looking for some remarkable women for our TTC Driving Programme willing to volunteer their time to take a refugee-background woman for driving practice.

The learner drivers have had lessons with a driving school and need practice to prepare for their restricted licence test. The learner driver will provide the car for practice. Comprehensive training and ongoing support will be given to volunteers. 

You can choose to have a driver in the Hutt, Porirua or Wellington. You’ll make a positive difference to her life and her family’s, receive training in new skills, increase your understanding of another culture and contribute to improving driver safety on the road.

Next training scheduled for 10 August from 10am-3.30pm

Contact: Contact Mylène or Susan at ChangeMakers

      TTc@crf.org.nz or 04 801 5812

3 comments on “Volunteer Needed for TTC Driving Programme!

  1. Alexandra Kurmen on

    Hello, I live in Wellington, Te Aro, recently I am recognized as refugee and I have a learner driver license, before present the practice exam I would like to have 2 or 3 hours of practice because I did not drive from the left side. I was wondering if you can give some driving lessons, I would appreciate a lot.

    Heaps thanks

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