Rights-based approach

Being a rights-based organisation means that our strategic outcomes, policies, and the way we work with communities and other agencies are all underpinned by human rights.

We begin any new initiative by ensuring that the way we will conduct our work is rights-based. We do this by completing ChangeMakers' rights-based programming checklist. As well as being an effective planning tool, this template is a good reminder of the underlying principles that form the basis of rights-based approaches:
· accountability
· transparency
· non-discrimination and
· participation.

We have also developed A Human Rights-Based Approach to Refugee Resettlement (pdf, 118 kb), which considers what a human rights-based approach to resettlement might look like in key areas.

To learn more about our rights-based approaches, contact us on info@crf.org.nz or (04) 801 5812