Interim Operations Manager for ChangeMakers Refugee Forum

Friday, 6th January 2017

Mozhdeh Wafa, current Chair of the board for ChangeMakers Refugee Forum will step down from her position as Chair following the news of Tayyaba Khan leaving the organisation on 7th February 2017 to join the Office of Ethnic Communities (OEC), in the Department of Internal Affairs. Tayyaba will join OEC as the Manager for Community Engagement.

“ChangeMakers is an organisation embedded in the communities it serves, and we are very proud of the work we do to contribute towards the longer term resettlement needs for former refugees”, said Mozhdeh. “We are looking forward to continuing and adding strength to the direction Tayyaba has taken us towards”.

Maureen Zaya, Deputy Chair will assume the role of Chair while the organisation moves to appoint the ideal candidate. “We aim to continue to provide strong leadership and carry on the excellent work Tayyaba and her team have been able to achieve for the organisation”, said Maureen.

About ChangeMakers Refugee Forum

ChangeMakers Refugee Forum is a rights-based, non-government organisation (NGO) representing refugee-background communities in Wellington, New Zealand. The organisation’s vision is to assist New Zealanders from refugee backgrounds to participate fully in New Zealand life through community development, research and advocacy.


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