Are you new to New Zealand?

25 September 2017


ChangeMakers welcomes you to work with us and let us know about the issues that affect you or your community. We hope to help you and your community make your voice heard and give you support you may need.

We also have many services that can help you in your resettlement to New Zealand:

Awha Information Hub

At Awha Information Hubs, you can talk to people and find advice in a safe space. These are held every Wednesday, and moves between Wellington City and Lower Hutt.
You can find more information here:

Know Your Rights

We hold Know You Rights workshops with the Wellington Community Justice Project, that will help guide you and give you advice around what services New Zealand has and how to use them.

Find out about the next Know Your Rights session here.

Community Meetings (Hui)

Community Forums are held every five weeks to hear the community’s needs and support community members with resettlement. At these meetings, we give the community information on what services New Zealand has and talk about issues people may have.

Find out about the next Community Meeting here.

Driving Training Programmes

ChangeMakers has two free driving programmes that you can do.
If you have some driving experience, the Refugee Driver Training Programme can teach you how to get your restricted licence so you can drive in New Zealand.
Women who are 25 and over in age and have been in New Zealand for over two years can learn to drive in the Turning the Curve Programme. 


You can find out about the events ChangeMakers is holding here.

We can get an interpreter for all of these services if you need one.

For more information:
You can visit online, call us on 04 801 581, or email

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