Our Communities

ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum is a grassroots non-governmental organisation (NGO) representing 17+ refugee background communities in the greater Wellington region (Aotearoa New Zealand).

Our current members are:

  1. Afghan Cultural Association of Wellington
  2. African Students’ Association of NZ
  3. Assyrian Association of NZ Incorporated
  4. Colombian community
  5. Eritrean Community in Wellington NZ Incorporated
  6. Ethiopian Community in Wellington Incorporated
  7. Greater Wellington Oromo Community Incorporated
  8. Iranian Communities
  9. Polish Association in NZ Incorporated
  10. Rwandan Association Umubano
  11. Tamil community
  12. Sudanese community
  13. Syrian Communities
  14. Ugandan community
  15. Wellington Myanmar Community Incorporated
  16. Wellington Somali Council
  17. Zomi Innkuan NZ

We regularly work with our Leaders Council, which has leaders from each community. We assist them to strengthen their communities and ensure that our work is driven by needs identified by communities themselves.

All applications for membership of ChangeMakers must be approved by our Board. Please note, as a refugee background community-led organisation, only refugee background member groups are eligible to become members of ChangeMakers, and vote at our AGM.

Being a member of ChangeMakers also allows your community to have representation on our Leaders Council and participate in our leadership training programmes.