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Past Projects

Media skills - youth walk the talk!

Hutt Valley youth from Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Eritrea, Ecuador and Colombia celebrated twenty weeks of developing their media skills this month. The youth who took part in the Multicultural Youth Media Project worked alongside local print and radio journalists and photographers who supported the young people to develop and publish their own work.

The project run by Refugees as Survivors (RAS) and ChangeMakers Refugee Forum aimed to build the capacity of refugee-background youth and to increase awareness of people from refugee-backgrounds among other New Zealanders.

Listen to the episode of YouthZone on Wellington’s Access Radio: 30 minutes of great music, interviews and news - check it out here!

The group also exhibited photos as part of Life Stills, a photo essay exhibition in Wellington. You can read more about it here. 

For more information, contact Kirsten at kirsten [at]

Youth Leadership Project 

A youth leadership project which harnessed the energy and motivation of active and committed young people in refugee-background communities by providing training and support in their development as young leaders.

If you'd like to find out a bit more detail about the project, you can check out a presentation here.

Yunited Voicez 

A youth media project which used media to build the skills and confidence of young people from refugee-backgrounds. From June to November 2009 we worked with Wellington Refugees As Survivors and over 20 volunteers to support seven young people through the project.

The evaluation, including project outline, is available here.

You can see the amazing work the young people produced on the project blog at

Youth Making Change  

Youth Making Change, or the YMCs, were a group of refugee-background youth advocates who worked with the Youth Development Coordinator to identify key issues for refugee-background youth and then develop a project to address one. They wanted to support refugee-background young people when they first arrive in New Zealand, feeling that this was the hardest time for a young person. They ran a welcome event for young people in December 2009; and produced a short documentary about their lives, which aimed to show that although things are tough when you first get here, they do get easier.

Youth Making Change was: Makuei Aken, Hajar Ali, Sandra Buless, Ali Hamid, Augustine John, Mohamed Mahyup, Feven Michael, Hamdi Yusuf, David Hakizimana, Matthew Phillip.