Our Communities


International Womens Day 2017

ChangeMakers Refugee Forum is an umbrella organisation for 14 refugee background communities in Wellington.

Group members

  1. Afghan Association of Wellington
  2. Assyrian Association of NZ Incorporated
  3. Eritrean Community in Wellington NZ Incorporated
  4. Ethiopian Community in Wellington Incorporated
  5. Greater Wellington Oromo Community Incorporated
  6. Polish Association in NZ Incorporated
  7. Rwandan Association Umubano
  8. Wellington Myanmar Community Incorporated
  9. Wellington Somali Council
  10. Zomi Innkuan NZ

Associate members

  1. Columbian community
  2. Sudanese community
  3. Tamil community
  4. Ugandan community

Other communities

    We also work with other newer communities who don't yet have a formal structure including:

    1. Iranian communities
    2. Syrian communities
    3. Tamil communities


    We regularly work with our Leaders Council, which has leaders from each community, to assist them to strengthen their communities and support them in getting their individual and community needs met.

    You can find more about members of ChangeMakers Refugee Forum here