Community Projects


Building Strong Families Project and Resource Kit

An initiative by ChangeMakers has resulted in a drama and a resource kit to support strong families. They are the result of a project begun at the end of 2008. A group of former refugees developed a drama that was performed and recorded in order to produce a DVD. The DVD is accompanied by a resource book to help communities and agency staff talk about topics such as the often difficult relationship between generations, cultural differences, pressures on families and how they are dealt with, and raising children in a new country without family suppport.

Funding from Family and Community Services enabled a professional director and a small number of professional actors to be contracted to work alongside the refugee-background actors. The result was a series of six skits that were performed in three separate venues in Wellington and the Hutt Valley.

The resource kit includes the Strong Families Strong Children DVD and a booklet that gives background information and raises questions for training and discussions. Together the kit provides a unique insight into issues for refugee families. 

The resource kit is available by completing the Order Form attached and sending it to the address on the form. The charge is for cost recovery purposes only. (Please note that the Individuals rate is for members of refugee background communities only.)