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NEWS: Fleeing war, dreaming of a new life in New Zealand

Margaret John is a boardmember of the ChangeMakers Refugee Forum

Margaret John fled South Sudan in 1999 when violence from the Second Sudanese Civil War reached her town, Torit. She hid for almost a month in the jungle with her children before later coming to New Zealand as a refugee. She tells us the amazing story of her family’s survival and how she confronts racism in her new country.

PRESS RELEASE: Appointment of new Chair

Appointment of new Chair


Thursday, 11th February 2016


Appointment of the new Board Chair – ChangeMakers Refugee Forum

NEWS: Family reunification information

For people who want to advocate for family members to become part of quota, or who need information regarding family members, here is the contact information for UNHCR offices in Canberra:

Call: +61 2 6260 3411

Or write to:
3 Lyons Place
Lyons, ACT, 2606

ChangeMakers concerned about Immigration changes

ChangeMakers concerned about immigration changes

ChangeMakers highlighted concerns about immigration changes that reduce family reunification options for people who arrive in a group of more than thirty claiming asylum. To read our submission on these changes click here and watch a short youtube clip click here