Campaign for equity for students

ChangeMakers is part of a new campaign to have refugee-background students recognised as an equity group in government policy and at New Zealand universities and polytechnics.

The campaign will be launched on 20 June 2011 as part of World Refugee Week and aims to enable greater numbers of refugee background students to enrol and complete their studies.

Success would mean they would be able to access additional study support and resources. A campaign paper will include information about the impact of stopping the refugee study grants in 2010, research from current refugee background students on the challenges and barriers they face, and a look at the impact on the achievements of Pasifika students who are an equity group under the current system.

The National Refugee Network, Association of ESOL Teachers and Victoria University academics are also involved in the campaign.

For more information contact Alia Bloom, Research Coordinator, ChangeMakers Refugee Forum, phone (04) 801 5812 or email.