ChangeMakers 2016 Youth Camp, 7-9 October - Registrations Closed!

At ChangeMakers we believe that within all young people lies strength and the will to make a difference. The ChangeMakers Youth Camp seeks to build upon these inherent qualities. Through facilitating an environment of friendship and creativity, the camp will allow young people of refugee background from the different Wellington communities to come together and share common ideas and interests.

The 2016 ChangeMakers Youth Camp will be held on the 7th-9th October at El Rancho on the Kapiti Coast. Sessions will be facilitated by Mixit and ChangeMakers Refugee Forum.

The ChangeMakers Youth Camp is a free event. Food, transport and accommodation is provided. 

Registrations for 2016 are now closed.


2016 ChangeMakers Youth Camp, Registrations Closed!
Thank you to all Youth Camp applicants, and thank you to all refugee background communities and partner organisations who helped promote the camp.
Unfortunately, due to high demand, not everyone who applied was accepted. Where possible, ChangeMakers has selected representatives from each of the different refugee background communities in Greater Wellington. The strongest applicants were those who put thought into the four 'Leadership Goal' questions.
For those who missed out, don't be discouraged! There are other young leader activities coming up in 2017.